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Features of Traverse's just-in-time training sessions

  • Customize to clients' needs
  • Provide participants with prep material prior to the workshop
  • Provide workshop leaders-facilitators who have extensive experience as executives and management consultants
  • Integrate personal development, techniques and the achievement of unprecedented results
  • Encourage participants commit to new possibilities and to achieve unprecedented results (after the workshop)
  • Provide post-workshop coaching (optional)

We embrace action-learning prior to, during and after the training workshop. The classroom experience is important, but only one step in the process.

Example Workshop: Resolving differences of opinion (which is necessary to become great)

Having differences of opinion is healthy.  It indicates that people trust each other and feel safe to be candid to raise concerns and offer suggestions.  The key is to resolve differences of opinion and move on. 

In this workshop, participants learn the what, why and how of being effective in resolving differences of opinion. For example:

  1. How to prepare yourself for a challenging conversation
  2. How to initiate a challenging conversation
  3. How to make it safe for the other person to engage in a challenging conversation, to remain engaged and agree to an action plan
  4. Why and how to avoid becoming emotional
  5. How to deal with "devil in the details"
  6. Why it is important to agree on an action plan that includes follow-up

Participants are provided a framework for conducting conversations to resolve differences of opinion.  

Participants discover the importance of integrating mind-set, behaviour and technique. 

This workshop is delivered as a 1.5 hour session, a half or full day workshop, and ¾ day workshop with ¼ day follow-up session.

Customized action-learning sessions / workshops

  1. Being an effective leader
  2. Being an effective manager
  3. Change management
  4. Coaching for commitment & results
  5. Dealing with difficult people & poor performers
  6. Developing common purpose » view framework
  7. Engaging stakeholders
  8. Innovation
  9. Leading when you're not in charge
  10. Meeting management
  11. Performance management
  12. Performance measurement & balanced scorecard
  13. Preventing & dealing with harassment
  14. Project planning and management
  15. Resolving differences of opinion
  16. Risk management
  17. Strategic planning
  18. Team building
  19. Time management



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